LONDON: Britain's Institute of Practitioners in Advertising (representing UK advertising, media and marketing communications agencies) this week published its quarterly Trends in TV report for the period to March 31.

It reveals a further decline during the quarter in average daily viewing hours of television overall; this now equates to 3.85 hours per day for all individuals.

Other headline data from the report . . .

  • Although still increasing, the rate of growth of digital-only channels' viewing share is slowing slightly, and stands at 34.6% for the quarter. The start of school holidays at the end of March is thought to have improved these figures.

  • Penetration of digital-only homes' now stands at 73.5%, with digital channels (both terrestrial and satellite) taking a 34.6% share of viewing, with some 71% of all individuals tuning-in at some point during the week.

  • Demographically, channel performances retain much the same pattern as they have held for some time. The strong bias of the digital-only audience toward young age groups remains the key feature of these tables, with 55.4% of children and 46.1% of the 16-34 age group watching digital channels.
Notes IPA research director Lynne Robinson: "The latest quarter's viewing data shows that the overall trends in television viewing are continuing. The most clear cut trend, as ever, is the continuing growth of digital-only penetration and channel share."

Data sourced from IPA (UK); additional content by WARC staff