LONDON: Publicly-owned UK commercial broadcaster Channel 4 is to a launch Channel 4+1, a digital 'time-shift' repeats service. It will debut next month on Freeview, BSkyB and Virgin Media digital platforms .

Comments Channel 4 sales director Andy Barnes: "This will also benefit our advertisers by giving them additional access to the high-quality audiences Channel 4 already delivers."

Adds ceo Andy Duncan: "Given the ongoing shift in consumer behaviour within television, we believe the launch of Channel 4+1 is a logical strategic move."

Rival terrestrial broadcaster Five, owned by Germany's RTL Group, has also announced time shifted +1 services for its digital channels Five Life and Five US.

The new services will launch in the fall via satellite monopoly BSkyB but, unlike Channel 4's offering, will not be available on Freeview or cable.

Data sourced from Media Week (UK) and Brand Republic (UK); additional content by WARC staff