Britain’s postal service is in danger of collapse if plans to introduce competition into the sector are brought in too hastily – a claim made by nearly two-thirds of senior managers at state-owned operator Consignia.

The poll, carried out by trade union Amicus, follows plans from regulator Postcomm to introduce competition for bulk business deliveries in April. But Consignia believes this is too early and will affect its ability to offer a universal service throughout the country.

Amicus, which interviewed 600 Consignia managers in the survey, wants to meet trade and industry secretary Patricia Hewitt to talk through its findings.

Warned the union’s general secretary Roger Lyons: “The postal service as we know it faces meltdown if the current plan for competition is implemented too fast.”

Judging by the poll, morale is far from high at the operator. Most respondents attacked the quality of leadership at Consignia, while two-thirds blasted business targets (on which bonus pay depends) as unrealistic.

Data sourced from: Financial Times; additional content by WARC staff