IPSWICH, UK: The Gunn Report, produced annually by Flaxman Wilkie in the depths of rural Suffolk, is a simple but neat idea. It combines the winners lists from all major advertising awards contests - national, regional and global - thereby establishing a definitive world league table.

Until this year, US-based agencies have topped the greasy pole, with UK shops slithering just below. But in 2006, for the first time, those positions were reversed.

Moreover, the traditional Anglo-US dominance is beginning to crumble. Since 1999, when the report was first published, the combined US-UK share of points has fallen from 39% to 28% . Comment the report's authors: "Without any flagging of the overall excellence in the top two markets, the rest of the world is catching up."

The 2006 top four nations are . . .

    1. UK
    2. USA
    3. France and Argentina (joint)
And the three most awarded individual campaigns (titles in italics) . . .
  1. Guinness / Noitulove (AMV.BBDO London)
  2. Sony Bravia LCD TV / Balls (Fallon, London)
  3. Carlton Draught Beer / Big (George Patterson Y&R, Melbourne
The most awarded individual agency was DDB London, and the most awarded network BBDO Worldwide - both owned by Omnicom.

A number of developing nations scored highly, among them Thailand, which had two commercials in the top ten and was ranked world number five. Australia came in at number eight, Mexico (12), South Africa (13) and Malaysia (16).

Further information on The Gunn Report can be accessed by clicking here.

Data sourced from Financial Times Online; additional content by WARC staff