LONDON: The National Newspaper Advertising Expenditure Report has revealed mixed fortunes for this UK market during 2006.

The figures, released by the Advertising Association, indicate a meagre 1% rise in overall advertising expenditure, from £1.89 billion ($3.67bn; €2.76bn) in 2005 to £1.9bn in 2006.

The Sunday tabloids saw their display advertising fall 4.3% while classified dropped 9.4%. The 'quality' press also experienced a fall of 8.3% for classifieds, compared with 2005, but display advertising was more robust, climbing 5.3% to £106 million ($205.9m; €154.9m).

The daily tabloids' display ad revenues slipped just 1% while the qualities did significantly better to notch a 9.9% increase. However, classified advertising performance was less successful, falling 3.7%, whereas the tabloids grew their classifieds by 6%.

As expected, online ad performance was impressive, recruitment doubling over 2005 by 47.8% to £14m.

Data sourced from Brand Republic (UK); additional content by WARC staff