The English Channel – that 25-mile strip of murky water that sunders Albion from mainland Europe – is set to be bridged by a new cross-border lottery game with a potential weekly jackpot of £35 million ($57.17m; €48.90m).

Camelot, the London-headquartered corporation that holds Britain's national lottery franchise, has seen its licence to print money dwindle alarmingly since launch in 1994 and is frantic for new revenue streams.

As predicted {WAMN: 27-Sep-02] it plans to create a super-draw that will also include France and Spain, between them delivering a further 100 million potential contributors to Camelot’s coffers.

The announcement is expected today (Monday) and could lead to new agency appointments in France and Spain, The UK incumbent is Havas-owned London shop WCRS, a member of the Arnold Worldwide network.

Data sourced from: Times Online (UK); additional content by WARC staff