The annual Top 100 Grocery Survey, compiled by VNU-owned ACNielsen exclusively for Checkout magazine reflects a successful year overall for the leading UK grocery brands, with fourteen of the top twenty brands enjoying growth.

The top ten brands are …

1. Coca-Cola
2. Walkers
3. Nescafé
4. Muller pot desserts
5. Persil
6. Andrex toilet tissue
7. Kingsmill bread
8. Robinsons soft drinks
9. Hovis bread
10. Whiskas catfood

Says Checkout editor Stephen Foster: “From Coca-Cola at number one to Quavers at number 100, this year’s Top 100 brands survey is a clear indication of the power of well-established brands in the UK market. To maintain their position as household names, the majority of the Top 100 brands invest millions of pounds to communicate their messages and brand values in a very competitive market. The truth is no brand can afford to stand still.”

The two fastest growing brands within the top twenty are Muller and Flora, with sales up by 21 and 20 per cent respectively. This year’s Top 100 listing reveals an increasingly competitive grocery market, with 61 brands increasing their sales.

There are ten new entries to the chart this year, which include the two fastest growing brands overall within the top 100. Charmin toilet tissue and Fanta with sales up by 60 and 55 per cent.

Observes Greg McDonald, client service manager at ACNielsen: “It is encouraging to see double-digit growth being achieved both by long-established brands and more recent arrivals. This year's 'climbers' are dominated by brands which have demonstrated continuous innovation. The new entries prove the Top 100 isn't a 'closed shop', with contributions from multinationals as well as UK manufacturers”.

News source: ACNielsen