LONDON: Press reports of Mobile Engage, a rah-rah rally sponsored last week by the British Internet Advertising Bureau , suggest that the event was more akin to a Southern Baptist evangelical rally than a marketing conference.

Jim Cook, editor of trade publication MobileAD News predicted that UK advertisers will spend 59% of their budget on mobile advertising come 2012. He also divined that global mobile spend will total $14 billion (€9.53bn; £6.81bn) by 2011.

And in best plain-song tradition IAB UK chief executive Guy Phillipson joined the Hallelujah chorus with a Gloria of his own.

The day of the mobile ad, said Phillipson, would come even sooner - in fact by 2010 - when more advertisers turn their attention to the mobile advertising platform.

However, Laura Chaibi, media research manager at global telco Orange, introduced a note of reality to the proceedings, warning that advertisers will first have to get to know their mobile audience and learn how to deliver ads that they actually want to see.

But even she succumbed to the happy-slappy ambience of the occasion. "The role of mobile media for audiences," said Chaibi, "is no longer just calling and texting but a complete media experience."

To the relief of a hype-dazed audience, the feet of 4th Screen Advertising managing director Mark Slade remained in contact with terra firma.

"With mobile we have the chance to get it right where we may have failed previously when it first came to advertising on the internet," he opined.

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff