Between them the nine-strong board of UK media and telecoms regulator Ofcom took home £1.49 million ($2.59m; €2.16m) in the year 2004-05.

Of this sum, part-time chairman Lord David Currie, chief executive Stephen Carter and Downing Street placeman Ed Richards, shared 60% of the total - £891,348.

By present day corporate standards this is not excessive. But it is unquestionably the envy of other public servants - not least prime minister Blair who collects just £178,922 annually.

By comparison Ofcom's Carter pocketed £414,500 last year, inclusive of a £53,500 bonus; while senior partner, competition and strategy Ed Richards' pay packet totalled £298,400.

And spare a thought for chairman Lord Currie, who unquestionably logs fewer hours on the job than premier Blair, while collaring the same salary - or, to be precise, just £522 less.

Presenting its annual report, Ofcom said staff levels are almost a third lower than the combined headcount of the five regulators it replaced when it was created in late 2003.

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