LONDON: Britain's communications regulator Ofcom on Thursday released its latest survey of the UK's staged metamorphosis from an analogue environment to all-digital.

The study, titled Communications Market Report for the Nations and Regions of the UK, examines the availability, take-up and usage of digital internet, telecommunications and broadcasting services.

It is the second such report in two years. The previous paper, published in 2005, recorded a 19% mean divergence between the four home nations in terms of digital TV take-up: England 66%; Northern Ireland 53%; Scotland 60%; and Wales 72%.

Two years on, the gap has narrowed considerably to 13 percentage points: England 75%; Northern Ireland 69%; Scotland 76%; and Wales 82%.

Comments Ofcom ceo Ed Richards: "The geographic gap between the digital haves and have-nots in the UK has been gradually narrowing, but . . . we need to do more to ensure that everyone is able to benefit from the economic and social benefits modern communications offer".

To access the full reports click here.

Data sourced from Ofcom (UK); additional content by WARC staff