Media planners have been accused of failing to understand print's vital role in advertising.

"Often they don't get beyond the word news - and that's where newspapers are being pigeonholed," said Maureen Duffy, chief executive of the newly formed Newspaper Marketing Agency.

Duffy also criticised agencies for a lack of "rigour and discipline" in their strategic thinking about newspapers.

The former television executive was equally stern with the industry she now champions. She said newspapers, which account for 15% of total spend in the UK, had only themselves to blame for failing to stop advertisers using other media.

According to Duffy press is particularly bad at retaining long-term, brand-building campaigns.

Her comments came in the wake of an NMA survey which listed the six strategic advertising functions of a newspaper. They are unlikely to surprise any seasoned planner or buyer.

Among the revelations: print can be used for public agenda campaigns; it can ehance a consumer's emotional connection with a brand's values.

Press can play a vital part of the media mix, especially if used strategically with television.

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