COOKHAM, UK: British marketers are an undervalued lot, according to the Chartered Institute of Marketing's latest salary survey. It reveals that those who stoke the nation's economic engine are paid less than colleagues of comparable seniority.

The average annual basic salary for a UK marketing director is circa £75,000 ($136,980; €93,279), while a senior marketing manager receives approximately £42,000 yearly. A junior manager can expect to make an average of £27,000; and graduates and supervisors earn an average of £22,000.

Across the board, marketers' remuneration stands below that of professional colleagues in finance, information technology, human resources and sales across all levels except head of marketing.

The difference is more marked at junior levels, where graduates earn on average 8.2% less than colleagues in other functions.

Of the 2,260 respondents to the survey, nearly two thirds were women, who again saw the gender pay gap widen significantly.

For female marketing directors the gap has risen from 10% less pay than their male colleagues last year, to 18% less in the latest survey. Only at middle manager level has the pay gap between the sexes narrowed.

Observes CIM director of research and information David Thorp: "It is disappointing to see marketers' pay falling behind those of their colleagues in other functions.

"Marketers need to demonstrate the positive value they can bring to their organisation, particularly now economic conditions are tough. It is also disheartening to see the gender pay gap widening again."

Data sourced from multiple origins; additional content by WARC staff