LONDON: UK parliamentarians are being urged to consider a pre-9pm ban on all alcohol commercials in similar vein to the controversial 'junk' food advertising restrictions introduced by media regulator Ofcom last month.

Charity Alcohol Concern has added its voice to lobbyists worried by the country's binge drinking culture, especially among young people. An all-party meeting will take place on December 12.

Ofcom's action to "reduce significantly the exposure of children under 16 to the advertising of food and drink products that are high in fat, salt and sugar (HFSS)" [WARC News: 20-Nov-06], has given added impetus to the charity's demands.

Comments campaigns officer Frank Soodeen: "For some time now we've been calling for a pre-watershed ban on alcohol advertising but it's only now, with Ofcom taking a more robust approach to their child protection obligations, that there might be the space to get this through."

Data sourced from Brand Republic (UK); additional content by WARC staff