LONDON: British viewers are leading Europe's digital television race, according to a new survey which predicts that around 95% of UK homes will have switched from analogue reception by 2010.

The report, from market analyst Datamonitor, predicts that figures for Germany will be around 50% and 66% in the US - which could prove problematic as the Bush administration has set a February 2009 deadline to switch off the analogue signal [WAMN: 10-Feb-06].

The UK is already leading the world in digital viewing, according to media regulator Ofcom, which says around 70% of the population is tuned-in via satellite, cable or Freeview. The US is second with 55%, but no other European country has passed 50%.

Growth in digital services is expected to be fuelled by TV on demand and DVRs.

The UK's analogue signal will will start its closedown in 2008, the final switchoff datelined for 2012.

Data sourced from BBC Online; additional content by WARC staff