More than half of the average UK household's postbag comprises direct mail.

According to the Direct Mail Information Service, 6.2 out of 12 items received every week are direct mail.

The survey reveals that credit card campaigns account for 25% of mailings, followed by insurance (10%) and banking (10%).

The service insists that value for money and convenience remain the key benefits for advertisers who put DM on their schedules.

"If Direct Mail users can maintain the relevance and quality of targeting, the medium can remain effective even as it becomes more crowded," says DMIS managing director, Jo Howard-Brown.

Apparently more than half of all recipients (56%) have bought something as a result of a DM campaign. The downside is that 40% of uninvited mail is thrown away unopened.

Data sourced from: MediaWeek (UK); additional content by WARC staff