LONDON: "It's an ill wind that blows nobody any good," as the old proverb has it. And the ill wind of the upcoming UK ban on advertising junk food brands on children's TV, is likely to waft the lost ad revenues in the direction of radio.

Addressing the RadioActive conference in London on Wednesday, Radio Centre ceo Andrew Harrison told attendees that the ban governing junk food advertising on TV did not apply to radio.

Said Harrison: "We understand that Ofcom will not be applying to radio the same rules it has applied to TV as regards the advertising of HFSS [high in fat, sugar and salt] foods."

The TV restrictions include all children's programming and all children's channels; they also apply during or adjacent to any programmes with a "particular appeal" to under-sixteens.

According to Harrison: "Radio will need to comply with new content rules but, reflecting the differences between TV and radio, we won't be restricted as to when we can advertise certain types of food."

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