LONDON: The vast majority of food and drink marketers in the UK are following regulations governing the advertising of their products to children, although current practice "might need more scrutiny", according to industry watchdog the Advertising Standards Authority.

After assessing 927 TV, print, online and cinema ads, the ASA found that only ten breached the current voluntary guidelines.

Eight of these ten cases originated in the non-alcoholic drinks market, but this sector was found to have a 96% compliance rate overall. 

Marketers of non-alcoholic drinks are instructed not to promote unhealthy lifestyles, encourage children to pester their parents to buy brands, and to run promotions with a "due sense of responsibility".

Opines Christopher Graham, director general of the Advertising Standards Authority: "This second survey in two years reveals that compliance levels for food and soft drink advertising remain high.

"However, the sector is under close scrutiny from many quarters, and the ASA will continue to work hard to ensure that standards are maintained."

Data sourced from Media Guardian (UK); additional content by WARC staff