Britain’s free-to-air network ITV, which of late has taken a hammering in the ratings, this week offered advertisers the opportunity of commissioning their own programmes on its second (digital) channel ITV2.

Attendees at the ITV sponsored Television Matters conference this week, over fifty per cent of whom were client company executives, were presented with short synopses of three programme concepts: I Really Fancy You (in which contestants come face to face with someone they have secretly fancied), The Dog Ate My Suit (excuses for shirking work) and When Boybands Go Bad (examining the behaviour of pop stars).

From this cornucopia of delights, delegates were invited to vote for the concept of their choice – akin, as one cynical delegate observed, to asking the colour-blind to paint a rainbow.

The poll-topper, I Really Fancy You, will be developed into a sixty minute pilot for transmission later this year.

Data sourced from: BrandRepublic (UK); additional content by WARC staff