LONDON: The UK Advertising Association today (Monday) released its latest Long Term Advertising Expenditure Forecast in which its crystal ball is focused twelve years hence. It predicts a substantial rise of up to 36% in the period.2007-2018.

Following a strong performance in 2004, advertising expenditure growth in the UK has slowed over the past two years as the economy cooled. A recovery is expected during the coming year with annual growth rates then steadily increasing - and peaking in 2009.

The forecast, compiled for the AA by the World Advertising Research Center, reports that the underlying economic forces driving adspend are likely to continue to be positive for the foreseeable future.

The fortunes of the individual media will be shaped both by the underlying growth of advertising expenditure and by the competitive forces that affect spending in different media forms.

The latest edition of the forecast has been enhanced, with internet adspend now split into display, recruitment classified and non-recruitment classified so that the data are directly comparable with the quarterly Advertising Forecast report, also published by the AA.

The twelve year report concludes that although the fortunes of the individual media will be mixed over the next decade, the general pattern for the industry is one of growth, despite the perceived threats to advertising.

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Data sourced from Advertising Association; additional content by WARC staff