UK adspend rose 2.5% in 2003 after a fourth-quarter rally, according to new figures from the Advertising Association.

The Advertising Statistics Yearbook compiled for the AA by the World Advertising Research Center shows 2003 spend of £17.2 billion ($31.8bn; €25.7bn), with the strongest growth in Q4. But although this total is up on 2002, once inflation is taken into account it represents a decline in real terms of 0.4%.

By medium, press took the biggest slice of total adspend (display and classified) with a 48.7% share. But TV took the most display advertising, accounting for 33.5% of this market.

The estimated 2003 spend on each medium (with year-on-year change in headline and real terms) was as follows:

Press: £8.4bn (+0.7%; -2.1%)
Television: £4.4bn (+1.0%; -1.9%)
Direct mail: £2.4bn (+2.2%; -0.7%)
Outdoor/transport: £0.9bn (+10.4%; +7.3%)
Radio: £0.6bn (+6.8%; +3.8%)
Cinema: £0.2bn (-3.7%; -6.5%)
Internet: £0.4bn (+61.6%; +57.0%)

The DM figures tally with the latest statistics from the Direct Mail Information Service, which also estimates a 2.2% rise in 2003 expenditure on the medium to £2.4bn. In volume terms, the DMIS found growth of 3.9% last year to 5.4bn items.

The AA's statistics will be published in full in June.

Data sourced from: Advertising Association; additional content by WARC staff