The UK's advertising content watchdog, the Advertising Standards Authority, is preparing for its 'landmark day' when the industry becomes wholly self-regulating.

On November 1 the ASA will take responsibility for all advertising content, be it TV, radio, press, or billboards. Prior to that date broadcast commercials in Britain have been policed by statutory television authorities.

The change comes about as new broadcast regulator Ofcom devolves its ad oversight powers to the ASA and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice.

A conference in London attended by senior industry figures has welcomed the move, saying it will be the end of fifty years of the 'nanny state'.

The benefits of the change will ensure consumers have simple, quick and cheap access to a complaints procedure which will cover almost the entire industry.

Says industry doyen Winston Fletcher: "The system is very fast… and as yet there has been no negative response from any advertiser. I am cautiously optimistic it will go ahead without any problems."

Data sourced from Media Week (UK); additional content by WARC staff