UK advertising expenditure is expected to grow by almost 5% in real terms this year - and by nearly 4% in 2006. This rate of expansion will outstrip the world's other major advertising economies.

Or so predicts the UK Advertising Association, a national federation of thirty-two trade bodies representing the advertising and promotional marketing industries.

The forecasts are supported by data from the European Advertising & Media Forecast Databook published today (Monday) by the AA and the World Advertising Research Center.

The predicted growth rates for the UK compare with a forecast increase of 1.5% this year for the USA (after strong growth in 2004), followed by 2.5% in 2006. For the Eurozone, the expectation is for 1.6% growth in 2005 followed by 2.3% in 2006.

The Databook covers nineteen European countries, along with the USA, Canada and Japan and contains annual advertising expenditure figures since 1995. All figures are harmonised to ensure that inter-country comparisons are valid and, uniquely, the advertising expenditure data are shown in terms of local currency, US dollars and Purchasing Power Parities (PPPs).

2004 Adspend
(Current US$ bn)
2004 Adspend
(Current PPP bn)
(% changes*)
% changes*)

*Local currency, constant prices

Significant growth is expected across all media in Europe this year, with television, radio, cinema, and, particularly the internet, forecast to be the fastest growing sectors.

For further information on the Databook click here.

Data sourced from Advertising Association (UK); additional content by WARC staff