UK advertising expenditure rose by nearly £1 billion in 1999 to exceed £15 billion for the first time ever, according to the latest figures released by the UK Advertising Association. The year was the eighth consecutive year of growth for the industry, in which adspend ...

 Totalled a record £15.3 billion;

 Increased £917 million from 1998, an accelerated growth rate of 6.4 per cent (nearly five per cent in real terms);

 Accounted for its largest ever share of Gross Value Added (formerly GDP) at 1.95 per cent, indicating the industry's increasing importance in the economy;

 Was fastest growing in the cinema, direct mail and radio sectors.

The Advertising Association predicts that the current growth rate will be sustained through 2000.

Full details will appear shortly in The Advertising Statistics Yearbook 2000 (£125 per copy, plus £2.60 p&p), available from NTC Publications Ltd.

News Source: Advertising Association (UK)