Six days is a long time in the agency game. Especially if you’re Neil Everett, the new president/ceo of Toronto’s Ammirati Puris.

Said Everett of the abrupt exit beat by three major clients – Labatt, Canada Bread and Sears Canada, accounting for 40% of the shop’s billings – within four weeks of his taking office [WAMN: 20-Nov-01]: “There's no doubt that the challenges I'm now faced with are different from what I expected when I came in four weeks ago.” He also talked of his plans for rebuilding the agency.

That, he must now ruefully reflect, was in Ammirati’s golden age – before two more substantial clients, Fuji Photo Film and Loblaws Supermarkets, also walked. And, rumor has it, one other restless patron, Franklin Templeton Investments, is in cosy chats with other agencies.

No reasons were given for the defections. Nor was the hapless Everett available for grilling when AdAge Global called.

News source: AdAge Global