Amid the continuing reverberations of the McDonald’s Corporation / Simon Marketing promotional frauds, two senior managers made abrupt exits from the burger behemoth on Thursday.

The departed duo are McDonald's vice president of US marketing R J Milano and Kim Poston, director of marketing. Neither were available for comment when called by the press, their office voice-mail messages saying only that each would be out until Friday.

Nor would a company spokesperson be drawn as to whether their resignations were connected to the Simon scandal. Mac moles, however, were less reticent, insisting that the exits were definitely connected to the matter.

Following the revelation of the affair in August [WAMN: 22-Aug-01], thirteen people – none of whom are McDonald’s employees – have been indicted and charged with conspiracy to commit mail fraud, now believed to have cost the fast food chain $20 million.

News source: Wall Street Journal