NEW YORK: Twitter has announced a number of live-streaming deals, including a partnership with Bloomberg Media to create a new live streaming news network.

At the annual NewFronts in New York, Twitter unveiled partnerships with 16 sports, news and entertainment companies, ranging from the NFL to Buzzfeed and Live Nation, which will supply a range of live content.

BuzzFeed, for example, will create a news and current events show to be broadcast live on Twitter each morning, Ad Week reported, while Vox Media will create a weekly live show dedicated to gadgets.

Amazon has replaced Twitter as the NFL's partner to stream Thursday Night Football, but the microblogging site will continue its association with the sports body by showing live previews and highlights, as well as a weekend show with pregame updates.

Elsewhere in the sports field, Twitter has teamed up with the Women's National Basketball Association to live-stream 20 regular-season games, while a tie-up with MLB Advanced Media will see a three-hour weekly program featuring major league baseball "look-ins" and highlights.

Twitter CEO and founder Jack Dorsey said Twitter aimed to be the primary destination for people wanting to know what's happening in the world.

"It's a fundamental question that people ask every single day of their lives," he said, whether out of curiosity, boredom or fear.

"The point is, we wake up thinking, 'What's happening? What's going on?' We go to sleep asking that question. We go throughout our day with that question, and we want to be sure we continue to be the first place people check to get that answer."

Perhaps the boldest step Twitter is making in this regard is to team up with Bloomberg to launch a new network later this year that will feature a mix of user-generated breaking news video from citizens, curated and verified by Bloomberg editors, along with live video and reporting from Bloomberg journalists around the world..

"Today's global news consumer wants and needs more than what's currently available," said Bloomberg Media CEO Justin B. Smith, who said the new network would "reinvent the digital breaking news experience".

"The powerful combination of Bloomberg's high-quality journalism and data-backed objectivity with Twitter's global immediacy, interactivity and reach will create the world's fastest and most credible modern news source," he declared.

Data sourced from AdWeek, Bloomberg Media; additional content by WARC staff