SAN FRANCISCO: A brand with a consistent organic tweeting policy can reach an audience equivalent to 30% of its follower base during a given week, the microblogging site has claimed.

Tweeting two to three times a day helps to maximise organic reach, it said citing its recent analysis of the reach of organic Tweets for 200 active brand advertisers.

Further, when a consistent strategy was coupled with engaging content a reach equal to 95% of a brand's follower base could be achieved, as snack brand Wheat Thins managed.

Among the 200 brands analysed, three tactics emerged as being particularly useful for driving organic reach, including leveraging real-time cultural moments, such as live sports events, awards shows or trending conversations, mentioning influencer usernames with large followings or high-volume hashtags, and including auto-expanded photos or videos paired with short, conversational copy.

Bonin Bough, VP of Global Media and Consumer Engagement at Mondelez International, welcomed the new Tweet activity dashboard that enables brands to see how Tweets are preforming in real time.

"There's no filter between our brands and our followers on Twitter, and this new dashboard shines a light on how our brand's voice helps drive our organic activity," he said. "In turn, this will help influence how we can be smarter around our decisions related to paid campaigns."

Mondelez is at the forefront of a shift of advertising dollars into digital media and last year announced a partnership with Twitter that saw Twitter employees working alongside Mondelez staff in various territories and Mondelez committing itself to an unspecified level of ad spending in return for access to preferential rates and custom research.

Bough's 'filter' comment was, presumably, a reference to Facebook where an algorithm decides what a user sees in a curated News Feed, the company arguing the results are more targeted and less cluttered than is the case for Twitter.

AdWeek also noted that a major attraction for brands was the fact the Twitter messages were often picked up and highlighted by other media.

Data sourced from Twitter, AdWeek; additional content by Warc staff