SAN FRANCISCO: Twitter, the microblogging website, is currently "not looking at" traditional advertising as a means of raising revenues, but is planning to develop tools that brands and companies can use to drive research and engage consumers on its website.

Twitter has become increasingly popular among consumers, both as a social tool and as a means of providing "real time" information on a wide variety of different topics and events.

Co-founder Biz Stone says the site is not pursuing conventional online advertising options not "just because we don't know how it would be received, but [as] it would require a team we just don't have."

However, he added that many companies are using the website "more and more", and "finding the insights valuable in how they make decisions".

As such, along with hiring new staff to meet its needs, Twitter will be looking to talk to brand owners about the potential services it could offer.

Search is expected to be one main area of interest, with the type of information available from its 6 million users effectively providing a view of consumer sentiment on an almost rolling basis.

Twitter bought the search engine Summize last year, and has already begun to incorporate a search facility into some of its user accounts.

Other options include providing "verified" accounts that brands can pay for in order to prove they are representing a certain organisation, which could then be employed either for general or in-company communications, or to create brand-based forums.

Data sourced from AdAge; additional content by WARC staff