LONDON: Social media platform Twitter is to introduce targeted ads based on which official brand pages individual users choose to follow.

Speaking at a conference in London, Shiva Rajaraman, product manager at Twitter, said that the system should allow advertisers to "engage their audience".

He also assured users that their personal details would not be sold on to external advertisers following the system's launch.

Twitter's existing ad system, Promoted Tweets, which launched earlier this year, allows firms to bid for messages that appear within search results pages.

Facebook has already introduced a system whereby users' individual member preferences influence which ads are served to which users within the site.

Mr Rajaraman said: "As we move forward, we are going to implement targeting mechanisms."

He added: "Right now we are starting with essentially keywords but the basic goal is to build out interests based on who you're following.

"As that grows to scale, I think we'll see a lot of opportunities beyond traditional brand advertising."

Mr Rajamaran also said that Twitter has yet to offer the new targeted ads for sale to advertisers.

Data sourced from Financial Times/Tech Crunch; additional content by Warc staff