NEW YORK: TubeMogul, the video platform, has announced its intention of issuing refunds to those clients whose video impressions have been identified as false or fraudulent.

"We've already integrated several third-party measurement providers into our software, so we've tried to significantly reduce different types of ad fraud for some time," Brett Wilson, TubeMogul CEO, told Ad Exchanger.

"This initiative is about giving clients total certainty that, when they buy through us, botnet fraud is no longer a problem for them as a matter of policy," he declared.

The Non-Human Traffic Credit Program will be rolled out from the start of next month and Wilson explained that clients' invoices would be credited automatically. "They don't have to do anything," he said.

"We're picking up the tab to pay for third-party measurement on 100% of impressions and we're making sure clients never pay for fraudulent botnet impressions again."

Wilson admitted it would be "operationally burdensome" but insisted it was "the right thing to do for advertisers".

Tubemogul is licensing bot detection technology from White Ops, an ad fraud detection firm whose recent research for the Association of National Advertisers suggested that the level of ad fraud had remained largely unchanged over the past year; the ANA put the potential losses from fraud at $7.2bn.

While the initial offer by Tubemogul is restricted to desktop Wilson said that mobile in-app video reporting was being tested and he expected it would also roll out soon. "We fully intend for this to be a desktop and mobile solution in short order," he stated.

Wilson further contended that this approach was good for suppliers' business "because you end up directing more spend to premium publishers and the people working hard to create great content and that's the inventory and deals they're trying to aggregate".

He added that some faced "a lot of transition" as they moved away from mid-tail to premium inventory.

Data sourced from Ad Exchanger; additional content by Warc staff