Following its initial sweep of five media shops [WAMN: 21-May-01], the consumer pharmaceuticals unit of drugs giant Schering-Plough has narrowed the field to three.

Swathed in a blanket of security that the CIA would envy, neither the original contestants nor the surviving trio have been identified. Nor is it known whether incumbent TN Media of New York is among them.

However, it is not thought to be a treasonable act to reveal that the contest for Schering’s HealthCare Products unit is umpired by Achenbaum Bogda Associates in New York and the brands up for grabs include Dr. Scholl's, a number of suncare lines – among them Coppertone and Bain de Soleil – and a raft of OTC products including Afrin and Tinactin.

Final presentations are scheduled for early July.

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