Marketers in the Americas were especially interested in changing media usage, "Generation Y" and channels like mobile in 2012, as they attempted to keep pace with the rapid evolution of the market.

The most read articles for this group this year included Twelve Media Trends for 2012, Warc's 2012 Toolkit and Ten Marketing Trends in 2012. (For more details about the most popular material featured on Warc in the last 12 months, click here.)

Fourth spot went to 10 trends in Gen Y, which summarised the attitudes and behaviours of the Millennial generation, including an aversion to overtly-branded goods, the growth of social TV viewing and the rising amount of students owning tablets.

An interest in younger shoppers was also apparent from the popularity of articles offering media and technology predictions, in particular Four tech trends and what they mean for marketers, which looked at the likely impact of hyper-connectivity in mobile devices and apps during the next five years.

Brands able to adapt to consumer and media trends also caught the attention of this audience, illustrated by the prominence of several company profiles in the list.

McDonald's, for one, has reformulated its in-store experience and menu in recent years in response to changing tastes and negative perceptions, while Coca-Cola has publicly stated that it allocates 20% of its media budget towards innovative, experimental channels.

At the same time, however, this otherwise future-facing group of marketers showed strong interest in an article about Global nostalgia marketing, no doubt prompted by the post-crisis era when consumers are looking for comfort and reassurance.

Data sourced from Warc