SYDNEY: Although traditional TV viewing in Australia declined marginally in Q3 2015, the medium remains by far the most popular in the country, according to new industry data.

The latest OzTam and Nielsen Australian multi-screen report showed broadcasts viewed on in-home TV sets reached 87.7% of Australians in any single week of the third quarter, AdNews reported.

That was down slightly from 88% coverage in Q2 2015, as the amount of time spent viewing on other devices gains traction and consumers found themselves faced with other screen options.

According to the data, Australians watched 90 hours and 42 minutes of broadcast TV per month over the quarter, which represented six hours and 16 minutes less viewing time per month than for the same period last year.

Meanwhile, they spent 12 hours and 38 minutes per month, or 12.2% of all viewing, watching content on screens other than TV sets.

"More choice is leading Australians to spread their viewing across content and platform options," said Doug Peiffer, CEO of OzTam.

"While this means they spend a little less time each month watching 'traditional' TV, broadcast television reach remains high: most Australians, younger and older alike, watch linear television each week," he added.

Craig Johnson, head of Nielsen's Reach Solutions, Southeast Asia, North Asia and Pacific, agreed that the TV set remains at the core of video consumption, but the expansion of screen types is turning video into an "anytime, anywhere" medium.

He said: "What is changing rapidly though is the expansion of screen time and screen types as Australians get comfortable with viewing video content on mobile devices, anytime, anywhere.

"There's never been as much of a need for a complete view of the consumer's media consumption as there is today."

Data sourced from AdNews; additional content by Warc staff