NEW YORK: US cable network Hallmark Channel has made the less-than-startling discovery that 'baby boomers' are more likely to stay loyal to traditional TV and its associated commercials, while younger 'millennials' switch to DVRs and video-on-demand.

Hallmark's survey, via researcher Millward Brown, was commissioned to map the changing TV and marketing landscape, and found the older group is also less likely to skip or fast-foward through ads. 

According to research svp Jess Aguirre, the survey has thrown up some "eye-opening" findings: only 31% of millennials believe new TV technologies are complicated and difficult to use, as opposed to 55% of baby boomers.

In addition, the report found 52% of millennials were more likely to consider mobile devices as forms of entertainment, versus 35% of boomers; while 27% millennials go to websites to watch video, compared to 9% of boomers.

The results of the survey were made public at Hallmark's 'upfront' ad sales presentation last week in New York.

Data sourced from AdWeek (USA); additional content by WARC staff