Offline advertising in Italy saw spending in 2000 soar by 16.1%, according to a survey sponsored by a national media association.

Total annual spend in traditional media reached $7.1 billion, radio reflecting the fastest growth with a 35% leap in ad revenues over 1999. TV ad sales rose by 15.3%, marginally bettered by print ads with 15.9%.

Comments Rome media consultant and former ad buyer. Mario Trilini: “We are seeing a continuation of the trend toward cost-effective advertising that reaches very specific market segments. In many markets, that means radio.”

Mediaset, the TV company in which billionaire media magnate Silvio Berlusconi has a controlling stake, remains Italy’s largest single advertising platform, commanding three of the nation’s four major TV networks. Between them the networks attracted $2.5 billion in TV ad revenues, 15% more than in 1999.

News source: Advertising Age - International Daily