Auto manufacturer Toyota is the most powerful Japanese brand in the US, according to research by brand strategy firm Corporate Branding.

The study – involving 300 respondents who assigned scores to the fifty biggest publicly traded Japanese companies in the US based on revenue, stock price leverage and the attitude of senior executives – ranked Honda and Nintendo in second and third places.

Of the companies surveyed, Omron was regarded the most favorably and Brother the least. In addition, Toyota scored highest on the familiarity rating, with Takeda Chemical the least well-known.

Declared Corporate Branding ceo James Gregory: “Many of the top Japanese brands received ratings comparable with top US brands. We see automotive and electronics brands like Toyota, Honda, and Sony performing as well as (and in some cases better than), powerhouse brands such as IBM, Kodak, and General Motors. That’s no small feat.”

“A powerful corporate brand can help to mitigate a company's declining stock price in a down market and bolster it in an advancing market,” added CB’s group director Steven Makadok. “With many other factors out of one’s control, brand is a critical factor that can be managed to ensure optimum financial results.”

News source: Daily Research News Online (UK)