The Australian Tourist Commission has whittled the contest for its $40 million account down to five shops – sitting agency Pure D’Arcy, Whybin Lawrence TBWA, DDB Worldwide plus indigenous agencies Belgiovane Williams Mackay and Morris Johnston Walpole.

However, instead of tapping a single shop as before, the Commission will, it is thought, appoint a lead agency in Sydney to develop global strategy alongside a range of local shops which will interpret the message for their own markets.

“It’s a similar strategy that most large companies competing internationally take,” commented group director of consumer marketing Catriona Fraser. “While there is a common theme behind the Australian brand internationally, each market is interested in different things about Australia.”

The Commission's research indicates that different countries view Australia as a tourist destination in different ways. For example, Americans are particularly interested in package holidays, while in the UK the Commission is trying to appeal to a nascent market of short-term tourists.

Elsewhere, ads in Germany promote Australia’s environment, whereas in Japan there are attempts to appeal to the over-50s.

A decision expected around the middle of the year.

News source: Advertising Age - International Daily