NEW YORK: According to the latest viewing data released by Nielsen Media Research, the total number of US television households (including Alaska and Hawaii) will reach 111.4m by January 1, 2007.

Based on projections for the entire 2006-2007 TV season, NMR's National Universe Estimates suggest that the number of viewers aged 2+ will increase by 1.1% to 283.5 million, reflecting the continued growth of the 'baby boomer' generation, which by 2007 will have reached the 43-61 age Rubicon.

One of the fastest growing demographic categories is the 55-64 age group, up by 3.9%. Echo Boomers and Generation Y (teens and 20's) also experienced strong growth, with the 18-24 group increasing 2.0%.

Continuing an ongoing trend, more than half the sixty Designated Market Areas moving upward in the growth rankings are located in America's Southern and Western regions.

That data tallies with population migrations revealed in the US Census Bureau's most recent annual population estimates, which indicate that between 2004-2005, the top ten fastest growing states were in the South or the West.

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Data sourced from (UK); additional content by WARC staff