British postal operator Royal Mail Group – which officially changed its name from the much-derided Consignia earlier this month – is reshuffling its corporate structure and management.

The group’s activities will be divided into four operating businesses, each as a discrete profit and loss centre: Royal Mail, Parcelforce Worldwide, International Mails and Transport and Logistics.

The respective managing directors of these units will be Jerry Cope, Vanessa Leeson, Kevin Williams and Paul Bateson. Leeson and Bateson are promoted to the group’s board, along with seven external appointments.

Three support units – Finance, IT and Human Resources – will also be established.

“The primary purpose of this new organisation is to put sales, operational, and profit accountability firmly in to the business units, with the central support tasked to reduce costs while driving service up,” declared chairman Allan Leighton.

“The next stage is to reduce the number of layers between the board and the front line. The business focus will move emphatically on to people and our customers.”

Data sourced from: PPA (UK); additional content by WARC staff