America's neo-puritans are marching to the drum of more wholesome (if banal) family TV and radio fare.

A gathering of the National Broadcasters Association in Washington was told by Republican senator Ted Stevens that cable and satellite TV and radio should be brought to heel in the same way as broadcast media.

Says the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee: "They must live up to the same standards we apply to you."

Currently broadcasters must adhere to a strict watershed of 10pm to 6am for more risqué programming. Outside those hours material must be squeaky clean. Satellite and cable programs face no such restrictions and companies are likely to lobby strongly against any government attempts to make changes.

A bill to impose tougher indecency fines on broadcasters [WAMN: 18-Feb-2005] is currently making steady progress through the US legislative system.

Data sourced from AdWeek (USA); additional content by WARC staff