A staggering ninety-five percent of all high-ranking US business executives look to the internet for their daily news fix, reports the latest study conducted for the Wall Street Journal.

The survey, now in its fourth year, tracks the online habits of senior managers and directors within major American corporations.

Conducted by Harris Interactive, Boardroom Connections reveals that 99% of all senior executives use the internet at work, while 97% access it at home, spending an average of 13.4 hours online every week -- almost two hours daily. Reading business news was the most common online pursuit for 95% of those interviewed.

As if to underscore the importance of the web, even in their private lives, 77% of America's corporate rulers revealed they had installed high speed connections at home.

The research also charts senior executives' online spending. Topping their cyber-shopping list are airline tickets (83%), books (82%) and hotel reservations (78%).

Data sourced from: AdAge.com; additional content by WARC staff