The arcane arts of agency media planning and creative planning should be combined, believes Procter & Gamble's global chief marketing officer.

And as every agency trainee fresh from college knows, what P&G's Jim Stengel believes is tantamount to Holy Writ.

Speaking last weekend to the UK press, Stengel affirmed his belief that that decisions about where to run ads and the nature of those ads need to be planned by the same person.

He urged marketing departments to call for the joint planning approach in order to achieve a better return on investment for their advertising.

Measuring advertising ROI has been a Holy Grail for P&G, and the company is a charter supporter of Project Apollo, a joint venture between US ratings measurement company Arbitron and market researcher ACNielsen.

Apollo aims to provide single-source market research that makes a direct correlation between adspend and consumers' purchase of advertised brands [WAMN: 19-Jan-06].

Stengel also bemoaned the fact that "too many good marketers" leave marketing departments prematurely (even at P&G) to "jump into general management". With this in mind he is mulling the creation of new roles within P&G to stem the marketing department migration.

P&G topped the global marketing league in 2004 with a total expenditure of $5.76 billion (€4.81bn; £3.3bn).

Data sourced from Media Week (UK); additional content by WARC staff