SINGAPORE: Few marketers in Asia-Pacific feel entirely comfortable with the many media options open to them, given the growing number of digital consumer touchpoints.

According to The Asia Pacific Marketing Monitor 2016 from researcher TNS, based on responses from 2,250 marketing professionals in 11 countries across the region, only one in three said they were in control of the touchpoints available to them.

The complexity of consumer journeys has produced different responses from marketers. Around one in five (22%) marketers spread their budget across as many touchpoints as possible, while 41% focused on the ones they knew and 37% were assured enough to experiment with new ones.

The report noted that confidence was lowest in those markets with the most advanced media ecosystems, the highest internet penetration and the most complex and evolved digital lives.

So, for example, less than a third (29%) of marketers in Singapore and Japan felt in control of their touchpoint management, dropping to 28% in Korea and one in four (24%) in New Zealand.

At the other end of the scale, half of marketers in Thailand were relaxed about their touchpoint management, which TNS attributed to the fact that people there tend to access the web and interact with brands through a far smaller group of social media platforms.

Better use of touchpoints, however, was not seen as a major priority by the region's marketers: 25% of respondents cited this an important development area, putting it sixth in a list of nine.

Customer relationship management (40%) emerged as the top priority, ahead of increasing brand awareness (36%) and digital transformation (34%).

But with 20% of the touchpoints used by a brand having up to 80% of the impact, "It's clear that brands need to be doing more to understand where to place their focus and budgets to get the most value," said Zoƫ Lawrence, digital director, APAC for TNS.

Data sourced from TNS; additional content by Warc staff