A new television service from Time Warner Cable in the US will allow viewers who tune-in late for a program to restart and catch up on what they missed.

However, unlike other DVR services such as TiVo, Start Over will not let users fast-forward through commercials. As of November it is being trialled in South Carolina, with an ambitious nationwide rollout already planned.

The offering is the result of a partnership with NBC Universal, which has agreed to let TW use certain primetime shows such as The West Wing and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Enthuses Peter Stern, TW's evp/product manager for Start Over: "This is a triple win: for our customers who have more flexibility and control over programming; for our advertisers because of the start over function [viewers will see ads they would otherwise have missed]; and for programmers, as this gives viewers a reason to watch from the beginning and stay with the channel."

General Electric-owned NBC will also develop interactive TV services for TW and participate in new technology trials, the companies say.

Data sourced from AdAge (USA); additional content by WARC staff