AOL Time Warner’s cable unit has appointed a number of new executives, in part to bolster its consumer marketing activities.

Time Warner Cable – second only to AT&T Broadband in the US cable market with 12.7 million subscribers – appointed John Billock vice chairman and chief operating officer. Billock, previously president of Home Box Office’s US Network Group, will oversee marketing, in which he has a strong background.

In addition, Thomas Baxter, formerly an executive at rival cable group Comcast Corporation, was named president of TWC, answerable to Billock, while Landel Hobbs moved from AOL TW’s corporate headquarters to become chief financial officer.

TWC chairman Glenn Britt said the appointments reflected the company’s eagerness to improve its “consumer focus” as it launches new services such as video-on-demand. AOL TW co-chief operating officer Robert Pittman, thought to be behind the choices, added that TWC had “fabulous operating skills”, but required “a layer of marketing skills”.

News source: Wall Street Journal