Next Monday heralds the relaunch of the UK's left-leaning broadsheet newspaper, The Guardian, in its new, more compact size.

Already used by a plethora of European newspapers, the 'Berliner' format is smaller than a broadsheet yet slightly larger than a tabloid. The move reflects a general trend within the wider newspaper industry and follows a similar change by other UK organs, The Times and The Independent.

The Guardian will also be repackaged with each section separated and individually folded, in marked contrast to a tabloid design, requiring new display-racks at retail outlets.
Colour adverts will adorn the centre pages, as well as a banner ad on the front cover, with a full-page advert covering the back page.

The freshly designed daily will be the first full colour paper to hit the UK streets and will contain various new supplements along with an extended sports section.

Guardian Newspapers Ltd also confirmed that The Guardian's sister paper, Sunday weekly, The Observer, would follow suit early next year.

Data sourced from Media Week (UK); additional content by WARC staff