MUNICH: Increasing numbers of German consumers are streaming broadcast content via the web as well as viewing programmes on television.

TNS, the research firm, surveyed 1,501 people, finding that 81% watched TV on at least four separate days each week.

But 29% had also visited the web services operated by leading networks, like RTL NOW, ZDF and ARD, up from 24% in 2009.

More specifically, participants dedicated 2.5 hours daily to linear television, measured against an average of one hour surfing the internet.

A third of respondents played back clips and shows through sites such as YouTube monthly or more, up 8% year-on-year, and rising to 59% among 14-29 year olds.

"The internet is used in addition to, not instead of, television," said Wolfgang Werres, managing director, TNS Media Research.

"For strong TV brands, the internet offers the opportunity to reach viewers with an additional distribution channel, and they are always available through services like an online portal."

Elsewhere, high-definition television sets are also gaining popularity, as 48% of households now own devices boasting LCD or plasma screens.

Data sourced from TNS; additional content by Warc staff