NEW YORK: Television continues to command a significant portion of American consumers' attention, according to a new study from the Television Bureau of Advertising.

The report, produced by The Nielsen Company, shows that 53% of those aged 25-54 spent all their daily 'media hours' in front of their TV sets, more than all other media combined; and that more of that demographic are reached by TV than other media.

The study of 1,246 adults over a three-week period in January also revealed 90% of respondents reported watching TV in the previous 24 hours, as opposed to 80% for radio, 72.1% for the internet, 58.9% for newspapers and 48.3% for magazines.

The time spent with TV in the same 24-hour time frame was also significantly higher (222.7 minutes) when compared with radio (106.5), the internet (99.7), newspapers (22.1) and magazines (15.1).

In addition, claims the TVB report, TV advertising remains most influential with 81.4% of the 25-54 adult segment, compared with online advertising (6.5%), newspapers (5.8%), radio (3.9%) and magazines (2.3%).

TV also had the most persuasive advertising among 69.9% of those surveyed, compared with 9.5% for newspapers, 7.5% for radio and 8.1% for magazines. The internet scored lowest at 5.1%.

Brand and product awareness was also dominated by TV, with 55% of respondents saying they were more likely to learn about products and brands they might like to try and buy through the medium. The internet was next at 18.7%, magazines at 14.6%, newspapers at 7.1% and radio last at 4.5%.

Data sourced from; additional content by WARC staff