BERLIN: Telecoms and IT companies are the most innovative corporations in Germany, according to a study.

Trade body BITKOM and research centre ZEW polled 1,500 organisations specialising in information and communications technology (ICT), alongside 1,000 businesses from other industries that utilise such systems.

Overall, 40% of new goods and services created in Germany are now related to ICT, the figures revealed.

Moreover, around 23% of domestic GDP growth between 1999 and 2007 was based at least in part on the rising deployment and use of these services.

Some 81% of respondents covering software and IT, and 78% of operators in the hardware category, have enhanced their portfolios this year.

The range of such activity has also diversified dramatically, including everything from smartphones and tablets to cloud computing applications.

Enterprises in the electronics sector registered a score of 70% regarding new product development, beating the chemical and pharma segment on 69%, and mechanical engineering on 64%.

BITKOM further reported that ICT firms typically dedicate 7% of turnover to R&D, measured against the 2.6% average, and reaching 12.6% for communications experts and 9.2% for software manufacturers.

Policies going forward should encompass providing tax incentives for R&D spending, and increasing broadband penetration, the industry group added.

Data sourced from BITKOM; additional content by Warc staff