Technology featured prominently in the minds of those involved in shopper marketing according to an analysis of annual downloads from the Warc site.

In first place was a contribution from research company IRI, 10 supermarket trends. This list named big data and smarter retail analytics, multichannel shopping and the value of consumer loyalty as among the trends currently being faced by supermarkets around the world.

In second place was a chapter from the Warc Toolkit 2014. Shopper in 2014 - Points of influence explained how shopper marketing strategies are evolving, with the transformation being driven by the ongoing influence of technology on retail and the growing understanding of the role emotion plays in the shopping process.

The growth of beacon technology has opened upĀ New ways to connect with shoppers. The third most-read article on shopper marketing was a Warc Trends report that highlighted the possibilities for delivering customers an end-to-end experience in-store solely through an app on their phone.

Older techniques were on display in the fourth and fifth most-read articles. Colin Strong of GfK explained how an understanding of behavioural economics could be used to Nudge consumers into switching.

While Aaron Shield of Fitch explained the importance of "total retail" and how a brand's "unique experience signature" can be created with a combination of physical, human and digital elements.

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Data sourced from Warc